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Small Kitchen Big Ideas

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Kitchen Designer Secrets to make a small kitchen feel bigger, White Kitchen Design, Open Kitchen Shelving, Modern Cabinets for small kitchens Kitchen Designer Secrets to make a small kitchen feel bigger, White Kitchen Design, Open Kitchen Shelving, Modern Cabinets for small kitchens

We all want that big, bright, wide open airy kitchen.

I’ve been an architectural designer for almost 25 years and in that time I have never once had a client ask me to make their kitchen smaller. No matter what size space your working with we all want our kitchens to feel big, bright, open & airy. Even if you can’t go bigger, you can at least eliminate the claustrophobic. Here are some design tips to make your small space function better and feel larger:

1. Keep It Light. Your color palette should be white or at least on the light side. You can still have color, but edit it down to a few accents. White glossy cabinets are the best solution for a small dark kitchen. They add brightness. The gloss gives reflection, acting like a mirror, which adds subtle depth of space. It also bounces the lighting helping to illuminate the dark.

2. Clean Lines. Small spaces need to flow, and nothing interrupts visual flow more than too many fussy details. Avoid overly ornate and unnecessary detailing. Eliminating visual clutter goes a long way in making a small space feel roomier.

3. Good Lighting. Whether your space is big or small, bad lighting is a room killer. Every space benefits from properly designed lighting. Kitchens require layers: overall flush mount ceiling lights, accent pendant/task lights, and under cabinet lighting.

4. Glass Cabinet Doors. Having a big window in your kitchen is great for adding light and depth, however, that big window also takes up precious real estate where every inch counts. Adding some glass cabinet doors is a good compromise. The glass doors add depth reflecting light and space.  A few Internally lit display cabinets open up your kitchen and give you a place to display your best dishes adding more light and interest.

5. Open Shelving. Replace a couple of the upper cabinets with open floating shelves. A cabinet box takes volume away from the room, whereas a few open shelves still allow you to see the wall behind, thereby not taking away the visual space.

6. Most small kitchens don’t have enough counter space. A cutting board designed to fit over a portion of your sink will help.

7. Maximize Your Storage.  A corner in a kitchen used to be called dead space, but today we have many pull out shelve systems that turn the void into usable storage.

8. Counter Clutter. Get rid of it or put it away. The less you cover up your counter top the bigger your kitchen will feel.


Todd Haase - Showroom Director at Austin Designer Kitchens

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